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The company focuses on two main areas of operation:

  • Manufacturing of steel doors and products for the building and construction industry
  • Industrial processing of sheet metals for various industrial sectors

A. Ringel opened its doors in 1949 as a modest workshop founded by company founder and leader Mr. Avraham Ringel. Steady growth in the amount of work and adaptations of manufacturing methods to comply with global standards have helped us transform from a small company into a leading, modern factory in its field in Israel. A. Ringel products are renowned for their quality both in Israel and overseas. Located in the Ramle Industrial zone, the factory occupies 8000 square meters and employs a staff of 120 both directly and through affiliated companies. These employees include the administrative staff, the engineering team and professional metal workers. The QA team works independently and meticulously, allowing us to become one of the first companies to be awarded a standard for our products, as well as one of the first to be certified to manage QA system in compliance with international standard ISO 9000. In addition the company is a member of the RST International group, which provides consulting services and manufactures products to customers overseas

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